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What flowers are associated with what feelings and meanings?

The follwing guide lists some traditional associations between sentiments and flowers.


You are elegant: Acacia (Pink or Rose) or Locust Tree
You are cheerful and graceful: Jasmine
You have beautiful eyes: Tulip (Variegated)
You have a delicate beauty: Flower-of-an-Hour and Hibiscus
To a splendid beauty; With pride: Amaryllis
Pride and beauty: Carnation
You posses a refined beauty; You are delicate: Orchid
Your beauty is always new: Rose (China)

You are young and lovely: Rosebud (Red)
Youthful innocence; Modest and pure emotions: Lilac (White)
You are sweet; You are pure: Lily (White)
Your loveliness equals your purity; Marriage: Orange Blossoms
Charm and innocence; Purity; Remembrance: Rose (White)

You are my inspiration: Angelica
I admire you; You are perfect in every way: Camellia
Fanciful; Imaginative nature: Begonia

I adore you; I am proud to be with/know you: Sunflower
You are a perfect lover: Tulip (Red)


First stages of friendship: Periwinkle (Blue)

I send my regards: Daffodil
I wish you good fortune: Apple (Blossom)
With affection: Amaranth (Cockscomb)
With gratitude: Bell Flower (Small white)
Wishes for prosperity; Hopeful: Rose (Red Leaved)
Temperance; Take care of yourself: Azalea

To my friend; Happiness: Rose (Pink)
You're a great friend: Chrysanthemum
Our friendship is true: Geranium (Oak Leaved)


I love you: Chrysanthemum (Red)
I love you: Rose
True love: Forget Me Not

Secret Love

Ours is a secret love: Acacia (Yellow)
My love for you is secret: Gardenia
We have a sweet and secret love: Honey Flower

New Love

I feel the first emotions of love: Lilac (Purple)
Playful love; Rashness: Hyacinth and Hyacinth (Red or Pink)
Young love; I can't live without you: Primrose

Passionate Love

My heart aches for you; : Carnation (Deep red):
My love is passionate: Iris (Yellow)
Passionate love: Rose (Red)
Our love is pure and ardent; : Carnation (White)

Undying Love

My love for you is undying: Amaranth (Globe)
My love for you is undying; Admiration: Amethyst
I am hopelessly in love: Tulip (Yellow)

Unrequited Love

My heart aches for you; I admire you: Carnation (Deep red):
I'll never forget you: Carnation (Pink)
I love you even though we are estranged: Lotus Flower

Pure & Happy Love

I love you as you love me: Ambrosia
Ours will be a happy love: Bridal Rose
Ours will be a happy love: Rose (Bridal)
Our love is pure: Rose (Lavender)

Devoted Love

You're the only one for me: Daffodil
I am devoted to you: Honeysuckle
Long Love

True to the end: Azalea (Indian)
Mine is a sincere love; Fertility: Baby's Breath Poesies
My love for you is constant/everlasting: Bell Flower (Pyramidal) and Bluebell
Our love is constant; I'll always be here: Hyacinth (Blue)
Our love will endure adversity; Durability: Dogwood
A true and faithful love: Lemon Blossoms
Pleasures of Memory: Periwinkle (White)

Wedded Love

Bridal flavour: Geranium (Ivy)
Marriage; Your loveliness equals your purity;: Orange Blossoms
Wedded love and fidelity: Ivy
Unity: Rose (Red and White)

Bold Statements

Yes: Carnation (Solid colour)
Thank You: Lily (Yellow)
I love you: Chrysanthemum (Red)
Let's elope: Chrysanthemum (Spider)

I'm sorry; Please forgive me: Hyacinth (Purple)
I am sorry, I must say no: Carnation (Striped)
You disappoint me; Rejection: Carnation (Yellow)
I am sorry, I must leave: Sweet Pea

Think of me: Clover (White)
Don't forget me; I remember: Forget Me Not
Thinking of you; I remember you: Pansy
Thinking of you though you're far away;: Zinnia
I remember you daily
You occupy my thoughts: Violet (Purple)

I tell the truth: Chrysanthemum (White)
I'll never tell: Daisy

I'll pray for you: Hyacinth (White)
Have faith; Don't give up hope: Iris
Don't despair: Petunia

Your affections are returned: Jonquil
I fantasise about you: Queen Anne's Lace
I can't live without you: Primrose
I shall remain faithful: Violet (Blue)
Please love me: Rose (Yellow)
I am hopelessly in love: Tulip (Yellow)

Ours will be a happy love: Rose (Bridal)
Our love is pure: Rose (Lavender)

I feel

I feel the first emotions of love: Lilac (Purple)
Youthful innocence; Modest emotions: Lilac (White)
Delicate pleasure: Sweet Pea

Silence; Purity of heart: Lily (Water)
Coquetry: Lily (Day)
Humility: Lily of the Valley
Sincerity: Fern
Modesty: Violet
Comfort: Geranium

Ardour: Lily (Arum)
Forbidden pleasure; Dangerous love: Tuberose

I feel slighted: Chrysanthemum (Yellow)
Jealousy: Hyacinth (Yellow)

Love and that I love you: Rose
My heartfelt love; With joy: Myrtle

Pleasures of Memory: Periwinkle (White)
Unity: Rose (Red and White)

Acts of

Love; Fame: Tulip
Providence: Clover (Purple)
Ardour: Lily (Arum)
Coquetry: Lily (Day)
Unity: Rose (Red and White)


Mourning: Rose (Crimson)
Death: Rose (Black)


(Although if you're sending flowers as an insult it might get taken the wrong way!)

Childishness; Ingratitude: Buttercup
You disappoint me; Rejection: Carnation (Yellow)
This is folly: Geranium

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