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Did you know that a nationwide survey of America revealed that the top reason for when women and men like to receive flowers is for NO REASON AT ALL!!

With that in mind, here are the flowers traditonally associated with each month of the year — so that you know there are more occasions to give flowers than just Valentine's Day:

  • January:  Carnations or Snowdrops
  • February: Violets
  • March:  Daffodils or Jonquil
  • April:  Sweet Pea
  • May:  Lily of the Valley
  • June:  Rose or Honeysuckle
  • July:  Larkspur
  • August:  Gladiolas or Poppy
  • September: Aster or Morning Glory
  • October:  Calendula or Cosmos
  • November: Chrysanthemum
  • December: Narcissus or Holly

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