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A bunch of flowers can be a whole conversation in itself

Believe it or not, you can actually put a whole conversation of meaning in a bunch of flowers — take these for example:

A bouquet of... Amethyst, Meadow lychnis, Moss rosebud
Means... You're so clever! I have to admit — I love you.

A bouquet of... Betony, Marjoram, Southernwood, Spiderwort
Means... I'm surprised, and very embarrassed. I was only joking. I like you, but don't love you.

A bouquet of... Vine, Great Bindweed, Almond (Common), Mimosa
Means... You were drunk and misled me, and that was very thoughtless of you. I can't cope with such behavior.

A bouquet of... Volkamenia, Flos Adonis, Acalia
Means… May you be happy. I'll remember this and try not to get so stupidly drunk in the future.

A bouquet of... Humble Plant, Clotbur, Henbane, Bee Ophrys, Hazel
Means... I'm miserable to think that I was such an idiot. But nobody's perfect. Please forgive me.

A bouquet of... Yellow Tulip, Cloves, Fir, Swallow-wort.
Means… Though I love you, I can keep my act together, and time will heal my sorrow.

A bouquet of...  Arbor Vitae, Hyacinth, Convolvulus Major
Means… I will always be your friend, and share good times with you. I no longer harbor any hope for more.

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