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Please be aware that all comments and ratings are submitted to e-CBD by an anonymous web form, and while we make every effort to ensure they are genuine by cross-checking names with the orders databases of suppliers wherever possible, we cannot make any guarantees about their legitimacy. For that reason you should not place too much weight on any particular review, particularly if it is overly favourable or overly unfavourable. In some cases florists may even submit favourable reviews about their own business, or negative revies about a competitor; although any negative reviews are forwarded to the supplier for verification and comment wherever possible. If we suspect a comment is not genuine we will not display it on our website, but as a rule, take everything 'with a grain of salt'. The bottom line is that it's all opinion, and while opinions can be helpful, it's up to you to decide how much weight you give them in your buying decision.

Please read the explanation of our ratings system for more information.

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